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Our Attitude to New Light

As Christians How can we ever expect our fellow man to accept Jesus as the great and mighty savior when we ourselves think of him as a God that is so week that he is unable to lift us up out of our sinfulness. It is either that or we turn our Lord into a… Continue reading Our Attitude to New Light

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The Rainbow Generation

Like it or not, approve of it or not each and every person alive on this globe today in some way or another is involved with it.The LGBT+community has reached a point that goes far beyond just that of being equal with their fellow beings.But so has many others including the church which is suppose… Continue reading The Rainbow Generation

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An Unpleasant Bible Truth

John 17:16 They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. To the world this teaching is a strange impossible tutoring to follow . How can any such directive be taught in a book when its purpose is suppose to be to bring them to Jesus as their savior.  Just… Continue reading An Unpleasant Bible Truth

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We have all at one time or another heard the song ” shall our anchor hold through the storms of life”. We all know that it is talking about Jesus as that anchor. But as there are many types of anchors there are many places to place them and dig in. Jesus is just one… Continue reading THE STORMS OF LIFE ARE HERE

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Man’s Ways/ God’s Ways A Choice to be Made

We even as Christians and even though we make loud squawking noises of having Jesus in our hearts working to free us from the sins of this world need to look at ourselves a bit longer and a bit closer. Especially Christians need to ponder long and hard over. We have a choice to be made.… Continue reading Man’s Ways/ God’s Ways A Choice to be Made

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Did God Say

Did God say that He was out to see that every human being died? Did God say that we were all sinners and therefore He wanted us all dead? According to a lot of people He must have because they believe Him to be an narcissistic, self-centered, egotistical maniac that wants everything His way. When… Continue reading Did God Say

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Soon Coming Judgment andWar

  War here on this planet occurs all the time. But the thought of an all supreme God passing judgment upon us and using the armies of our enemies to carry out that judgment upon us is in our mind is for us hard to comprehend.  In out manner of thinking we  do not place Yeshua… Continue reading Soon Coming Judgment andWar