A Faith to Live By · following Jesus · growing in Christ · knowing your God · living for eternity · man's dependency upon God · Obedience to God and His word · Reflecting Jesus · Walking as Jesus walked

God’s way is the best way.

The bible is God’s words to you and me; and are meant to be lived out in our lives. they are words that when placed within our lives will as a fire that comes upon us prove tried and true. they are written for us,  who claim Jesus as our Lord, to show us the way to live a higher purer life than those in the world.

God’s word points out that we are never to expect to be speared going through tribulation. rather it shows us that tribulation is what fits us for the heavenly kingdom. God’s way is always the best way; as well as the only sure way. He who believes that God will deliver them from the tribulation will have it come upon them unprepared.

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