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Faith: the kind you believe in matters


There is a kind of faith that believes that God saves them then lets them sit back in their sins and make excuses as to why they cannot change. On the other hand there is a faith that accepts Christ’ blood to cover their sins and His salvation then in faith they let the Holy Spirit work in their life to bring about a change. This change enables them through the power of God they keep His commandments as Jesus ask them to do in John 14:15.

Each are a different kind of faith kind of faith; and each give different results in our lives. one kind of faith causes one when they see the person to question: are you a Christian? the other causes that person to express: I see no difference between you and me so why should I become a Christian?

If mankind can see not a difference your claim of faith is making in your life neither will God be able to. thus God will not be able to see the image of His Son in you.

Where does that leave you?

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