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Be Like Jesus:Our Goal

Our you ready to be drown into the den of lions? I’m not. Yet in today’s society that is just what is going to happen to us as we lay claim to Jesus and let His character take over our lives. Jesus’ character imparted in us makes us different than the world. though we may say nothing yet the world sees us as different from them and will want to drive us away.

Why has that not happened as of yet? Is it due to the image we are presenting to them? They have to be seeing no difference, or so little difference, between us and them that they are not uncomfortable with us being around. That can only mean but one thing. We are not moving forward in Jesus; but backward. We are making too many excuses for allowing sin to reign us. Is not it time for us to allow Jesus to take over the reigns of our hearts and our lives?

Judgment is coming and is now upon us. are we going to remain being comfortable with our lives being what they are? Comfortable with being partly in Christ and partly in the world? trying to belong to both heaven and to this world? Are we to allow ourselves to continue living Christ list lives in a world that more than ever needs a Christ-like Christ-filled life presented to them? How  are they to be given the privilege and the honor of choosing Jesus to be their Lord and Savior? How are they even to know that they truly need a Savior?

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