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The Comming Antichrist

God has always supplied His people with a place to flee in times of trouble. If they chose to enter that place of safety He would be able to bring them through the storms, With a heart full of love for a people that He had created Jesus as He was about to bring down… Continue reading The Comming Antichrist

following Jesus · growing in Christ · knowing your God · living for eternity · making bible a part of your life · Obedience to God when it is hard to do so · Reflecting Jesus · Walking as Jesus walked

Hiding In Our Hearts: God’s Word

  Have we hidden God’s word, as found in the bible, in our hearts? Do we still sin against our Lord and Savior? Sin = the keeping of any weak spot in our lives. To disappoint our Creator by disobeying or not doing what He ask us to do. Giving others a reason to take… Continue reading Hiding In Our Hearts: God’s Word