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The Comming Antichrist

God has always supplied His people with a place to flee in times of trouble. If they chose to enter that place of safety He would be able to bring them through the storms,

With a heart full of love for a people that He had created Jesus as He was about to bring down His wrath upon the earth due to the sins of His created people offered them a way out. They had to accept His means of salvation or all they would face was death. God in His love and mercy for mankind had Noah build an ark. For one hundred and twenty years Jesus through Noah tried to get them to understand that all they needed to do in order to have life was to listen to Him, obey His words, and enter that ark.

The sad fact is however only eight people out of possibly billions alive than chose be saved God’s way. that means that billions of people who otherwise could have had their life speared lost it, not because they wanted to lose their life, just because they wanted life aside from doing things God’s way.

than theirs the Waldensian.

They also had a storm to face. They had to leave their beloved country behind and flee for their lives. They had to live hard lives and only go to populated areas in order to preach Christ as the one to follow. If caught

What about us today? are we like them going to be expected to go through the fire?

There is a storm coming fast upon us. It will be a storm so bad that not a single person can begin to express what we will have to go through. we will be faced with two choices and two choices only. Either we will love our life and choose to obey man. Or we will out of a heart filled with love choose to obey God and His laws.

The choice is ours to make; no one can make it for us.

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