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Saved To Reflect Jesus To Others

Jesus came to say to us that I love you and I am going to take you to heaven to be with me. But, He also came to teach us how to and give us the strength to live a sin free life. Doing this will put His life in us and thus we will… Continue reading Saved To Reflect Jesus To Others

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Do All Roads Lead ToThe One And Only God

Do all roads really lead to God and heaven? Could it be  possible that we might be following a wrong road and not even realize it? Being led astray can be ever so subtle as we move along. Pagan gods made of wood and stone are easy to spot but, words, thoughts, and deeds are less… Continue reading Do All Roads Lead ToThe One And Only God

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FEMA Coming Our Way

Camps are being set up in this country by the dozens. Why is this? There is a plan to use them. Why is this? Our police forces which were meant to protect us are now being trained to treat us as  if we were an invading force. Our army was never meant to interfere with… Continue reading FEMA Coming Our Way