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God’s Lamp Not A Genie’s Lamp

God has given the bible  to be as if it were a lit lamp to guide us through the darkness of sin. We should be treating this book with the upmost reverence. instead we are treating it as if it were some genie coming out of a bottle or a lamp to be rubbed at our whim. and when God, the genie, pops out they can get their wish; just because e they asked for it. There is no need for change of any kind on their part.

How sad it is to see that that is where we are as Christians today. The early Christians got that name because they had heart changing life changing experiences. it could be said of them: at one time some of you were thieves, some we idolaters, some homosexuals. Now because of Jesus and His blood none of you are these things any more. Your lives have been changed.

God’s lamp is not a genie lamp that can be used to give anyone salvation even though they do not have a change of heart and of life.


One thought on “God’s Lamp Not A Genie’s Lamp

  1. Reblogged this on kbadamsonsfavoriteblogs and commented:
    If only the Christian walk was as easy as rubbing a lamp, but it is not. It requires self-sacrifice, determination, and perseverance. But one day, if we are faithful, we will find out that it is worth it.


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