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Trust Leads to Understansding For Good Or Bad

One can place their trust in just about anything.


These are just some of the other places where trust could be placed. Law keeping: I keep the Ten Commandments therefore God will take me to heaven. On the other hand: I do not try to earn salvation by the law. I just believe therefore because of my belief God will take me to heaven.

I don’t read the bible for I trust that Hollywood makes good accurate pictures about the bible. Even the ferry tales that they make give lessons that are good enough  to help me get ready for heaven.

Then there is spiritualism. I trust that helps me become more god-like. Thus it gets me closer to God and to heaven.

After all is this not what we all want in the end? You trust God and His word to get you there. I trust my way will get me there. Who is to say that one way is right and the other wrong?

The answer to that of course is God our creator is the one to say.

One thought on “Trust Leads to Understansding For Good Or Bad

  1. Reblogged this on kbadamsonsfavoriteblogs and commented:
    Truth matters, and for the Christian it is vital. We can place our faith in fairytales that please the mind, but doing so will only mean that in the end our hope of eternal life will be gone. Because no matter how hard we desire it, a lie is and always will be a lie, and believing a lie may be enjoyable, but one day the truth will catchup with us.


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