Walking as Jesus walked

Sinlessness Possible


Judgment: the way one views themselves to be. the estimation they place upon themselves as being good or bad. The outlook they hold for entering heaven when the time comes. Judgment if not under the control of God’s word will, not might but will, lead to sorrow and our final destruction.

Love: for God, for His word, and for His law can only lead one into peace with God. The love of God and His word will lead one to adore Jesus and His word; also His law. Once you are in love with God and you adore all there is about Him your worship of Him will change. You become so devoted to Him that it becomes nothing to you to obey His voice and keep that what He ask you to keep.

Yet that devotion does not come without problems. Judgment once again raises it’s head. Others bring their judgments down upon you while you lay your judgments upon them. It becomes a struggle that seems to have no end in sight. Some make judgment that all who claim to be obeying God while keeping His law are just legalist. On the other side those who are keeping the law because of what Jesus said in John 14:15 hand down their judgments also. they say to the other side that all you are doing is using God’s grace, that is Jesus who is God’s grace, as a license to continue to fall short of the mark.

those on both sides of this doctrinal debate need to keep in mind. Jesus has never sinned. He was forever always free from sin and will be forever always free from sin. And if that be then how could Jesus the Christ ever permit wilful sin in a person that He is controlling?

No that will never happen as much as we get too comfortable in the state that we are in. Jesus is able to keep all who will let Him from falling into rebelling against His law.

therefore if we are ever to reach this point then

we must reach this point.

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