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The World Hates Thsoe Who Serve God With All their Hearts


Warning: in todays world it means something if you are going to be a true follower of Jesus. The world has made Jesus out to be this pansy loving being who because He loves everyone could never bring judgment down upon them. It is okay if they can bring their judgments down upon those who will not do things their way and to deliver those judgments in person. However the thought that Christians and the Christian’s God being able to Judge them says to them that Christians are

hate mongers, racist, and begets. to them unless we give up this idea that the bible has a standard that all are judged by and accept them as being totally in the right all we are doing is to

is preaching hate speech.

Therefore they go so far as to even through our own government work against Christians.

Be prepared for things only to get worst. we are now entering the time of trouble that the word of God speaks of. Are we truly ready to face what lies ahead? will we be able to stand for Jesus in this time?

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