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A Right Walk Through Brings One To The Other Side

Taking a walk through the bible means more than just reading verses such as this.

You must place in your mind a comprehension of what is truly being said. In this case you must understand that there is a certain path that you will have to walk. Also understand that it will not be the path of your own choosing; but it will be a pathway that if you knew the beginning from the end you will not have wanted any other pathway.

You must also understand that there is still more to such a verse as this. It is one thing knowing that there is a certain pathway that has to be followed. This pathway is just one of many that you might choose to enter upon. Each path will lead to a different place, therefore if you want to reach the destination that you are hoping to reach you must take this one pathway and treat it as if it were the one and the only pathway to be had.

Then you must cement it in your heart and break the key. Thus there will be no man or nation that can turn you from following that pathway; no matter what they say or do to you.

Then as you walk down that pathway forever be adding to this bible verse with other verses; treating them in the same manner that you treat this verse.

And you will walk with your Lord right into heaven; forevermore to sing His praises.

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