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All Scripture, Not Just The ones Of Your Choice Are To Be Your Light

We fail to place God’s word as the way to illuminate our lives with truth. perhaps it is because we do not believe truth to be everlasting anymore. If this were so that there is no everlasting  truth now a days that we would be in our rights making the choices that we are making. But the question still stands. Are there any truths that are eternal? Truths that when not listened to have consequences to those who push them aside.

It feels so good to be able to pick and to choose just what truths are meant for you and which ones are not. But are we playing god when we do that? The God who says that He does not change has given us His word. It is He who says that it is to be a light to lead us into paths of righteousness.  If we need God to help us to overcome lawlessness is it not a must that we follow all His words and not to pick and choose the way we do?

One thought on “All Scripture, Not Just The ones Of Your Choice Are To Be Your Light

  1. Reblogged this on kbadamsonsfavoriteblogs and commented:
    This is one of the hardest lessons of the Christian walk. It is easy to let the Bible guide our feet when we pick and chose the verses that go along with our wants and beliefs. But oh how hard it is to follow the verse that cut against our fun and reveal our sin. Then it is so tempting to say that verse is not inspired or that verse is not important. But if we love God and believe His word, we will stop picking and choosing the parts we like. But will instead chose to fall to our knees and ask for strength and forgiveness when it reveals our sin.


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