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Is Christ Your Hiding Place

This hiding place is a type of hiding place used to hide people in war time.

Domesticated animals may often use things such as this to hide.

Nature often provides hiding places for it’s creatures.

But  do we as Christians have a hiding place where we might go when we face the arrows of this world being aimed at our hearts?




Yes there is a hiding place we can flee to for safety. That hiding place is found in our bibles. It is the cross of Christ.


We all from all facets of life must be there.

and once there we will find the safety we need.

2 thoughts on “Is Christ Your Hiding Place

  1. Please remove the image https://faithforthehour.com/2016/06/30/is-christ-your-hiding-place/#jp-carousel-1217 that you purposely stole from our zazzle.com/scenicearthstudios store without paying for it and without permission therefore committing a cybercrime and willful copyright infringement. Failure to do so will result in your host provider being contacted and having all copyrighted artwork removed. Thank you for being a poor witness to the name of Jesus Christ by stealing artwork that you know came from a store where these items are sold to promote your horribly done website.


    1. To whomever left this message and automatically assumed that I purposely went to your store to steal an image, please understand that this assumption is incorrect. Until I found your comment this morning, I had never even heard of your site. The picture that you claim that I so willfully stole was not gotten by going to your site, but by a bing image search for photos that were supposed to be free to share and use. If I had known that the image that I thought was free for anyone to use was copyrighted, I would not have chosen it, as doing so would be wrong. Now that I know that the image belongs to your store I have removed it.

      Again, please understand that this was not a blatant attempt to steal. I thought that I was looking at photos that were free to share and use, or I would never have used the photo.


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