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Woe to those Of God’s People Who Go Against Their Lord

We love the though of living forever. We hate, very much so, the thought of having to pay for rebelling against a God who demands a life from us that goes against what we desire to do.

On the other hand we will go to a God who loves us so dearly that he expects no real change in our life. A God who is willing to put off any getting sin out of their life till he returns to take them to heaven.

There is true danger in this line of thought however. And that danger we can see so prevalent in our world today. If it is okay for me to keep the sins and pleasures that I like. We even trick our brains into thinking that God is wishy washy enough as to say one thing while meaning something else. Or he doesn’t really mean what he says.

This line of thought opens the flood gates for everyone else to think in the same manner. Look about us. Drunks losing their families, their homes, their jobs all the while thinking God understands and will take them to heaven the way they are. Adulterers running about cheating on their spouses seeing no sin in what they are doing. God may the3m that  do. The LGBT community believing that God made them the way they are. Deceive themselves that they had no choice in the matter. Then there is the sin of pride. this is the worst sin of them all. We who do none of that feeling we are so much better than they. We fall into sin because  we do not or we forget that there but for the grace of God go we.

We all in one way or another flee from God’s true path claiming that we are okay and that God must accept us for what we are, as we are, and he must never seek change in the way we choose to live.

To all of us who allow sin to remain in our life in this manner God has this to say: woe to you. You call me Lord Lord but you turn to me in falsehood  rather than truth. Destruction will surly come your way.

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