growing in Christ · knowing your God · Obedience to God when it is hard to do so · Putting faith in God not man

Add To Your Life These Promises

We all at times join the world in pleasures that to us look as if they are innocent.

Disney to most people seems as if nothing is wrong with going there. However, for the Christian is that true? Can Christians be on safe ground and bring their children in their doors and expect that the world will not change their attitude toward Jesus as the savior of the world? Are we willing to take a closer look at Disney?

Let us start Here at the castle. Disney has made this caste home to

This is known as a kids classic. Something for all to watch with joy. But what lies beneath the surface. Witchcraft for one.

God warns that we should have nothing to do with this even though it is plastered all over Disney.

How can we be faithful to our God and raise up our children in the Christian way while attending the very places that teach us to enjoy going against the word of God?

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