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What is Time


To all us Human beings life is all about time.

all too often time seems to slip away all too fast.

we need time for family, time for bonding with them, time for work, and time for leisure.

Some time lays so heavy upon us that it seems to us as if we are carrying the world on our shoulders.


Sometimes we feel our load so heavy it seems as if in order to make it we have to daily push the weight of the world around. Or at other times in our lives we have a sense in our hearts that the world about us is trying to end our lives.


We all long to have our live filled with joy and sweetness where we can pick up our cares and woes whenever and wherever we want. However, life is not that way.


No matter how much we put forth our efforts to hold back the clock of time it still rushes us forward. Therefore all we can do is to take time to be still and place our trust in God.

Come to the realization that we need to let their life go turning it over to Jesus.

Jesus is standing before us with the hour glass of time in His hands. He is saying to us that the end of the world has come upon us now. Look very carefully; all the signs are now taking place  and we could see them if only we would be diligent and watch.

The world is about to have a one world religion pushed upon them. We are about to be told that in all things our faith must be after their manner.

We have a chance to be standing on top of the world with Jesus at our side but we must act now.

Remember God has His time

to deliver us from what were about to go through. Let us keep faith in Him who is


the true God of time.

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