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Antichrist is coming Even At The Door


Many think that to be an antichrist one must oppose scripture and Jesus. And surely  this is one aspect of  an antichrist. And for sure there is an

on the word of God and upon Jesus Christ our Lord today.

But while the

is presently among us today

and what does it mean to be antichrist.

Many like to claim one of  these people

to be the antichrist. They even throw in Trump for good measure.


look toward the entertainment field for the antichrist to come. But while Hollywood is against Christianity and that makes them an antichrist they are just one of many.

None of any of these people or groups of people while they are or they seem to be antichrist are the end time antichrist that we are looking for.

most Christians however, look to this unknown man that is to come out of the Near East. This man in whom they believe to be the antichrist that we are looking forward to will some how seize the reins of a world government and force a one world religion.

While there is some truth to be had in that way of thinking we fail to see that the Mother of Harlots is already here and trying to bring about this world into a one based belief system with them at the head.

This Mother of Harlots carries with it already the number 666 and if you will delve deep enough into God’s word, which is suppose to be a lamp to guide one into truth the antichrist will be revealed.

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