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Where Will The Antichrist Come From

Just who will be the expected antichrist?

Could it possibly be Bill Clinton?

Or could it be George Bush?

Then there’s most defiantly Obama to rank at the top of the list.

But the way this country is headed surely these two must be placed on that list.

as bad as some would like to make it so these all fall very shot of meeting the bible definition of being the Mother of Harlots. And as such they could not be that antichrist that the world has been and is looking for.

Anti means according to Webster: to oppose : to be against : Of the same kind but set up to be opposite in policy : hostile in opinion or practice : combating or defending against.

Our way to find out just who fits the bible description for being the antichrist should now have become a clearer.

This antichrist has to come from within the Christian Church itself for John here says: that antichrist came from us. They were initially part of us but, they could not agree with our teachings thus they are separate from us.

Therefore do not look at

nor toward

nor even to

for the antichrist.

Look to the Christian world itself. Some where within its boundaries there is a group of people or a church if it fits that while claiming the faith of Jesus and to be His disciples are denying His principles.

Please search your bibles before it is too late.

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