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Paul And The Man Of Sin: The Antichrist Part One


There is a war going on in this planet. It is not a war of guns and bombs. It is not even a war that can be physically seen by us.

this is a war for people

and their

Satan verses Jesus

For us it started just after

and has come up to the point were we are now.

We are now at the point in history when the man of sin is to be revealed. If we are not fully saturated with the word of God we will fall under his grip by falling out from under God’s wings.

Paul tells us some important fact that we should know about the antichrist or as he calls him the man of sin.

Do not allow yourself to have this come upon you.

This church will do all in its power to convince you that they are the true church and that what it teaches is really what the bible is teaching. Unless you are fully grounded in what the bible teaches, this incudes obeying even though people claim you are just trying to work for your salvation, this delusion will come your way.

Paul agrees wit John that the antichrist(man of sin) comes from within our own church. They were in fact part of the church of God. Paul says however: That church back slid. They fell out of the truth into a semi-quasi walk with the Lord. However, in doing this they now have become a confused mess of truth and error; or as it is called the church of Babylon. And since they spread these lies all  about  the Mother of Harlots.

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