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Years to The Lord Not What They Are to A Man

Mans average life span  is Seventy years. that is not very long when considering eternity where when at trillion years of age one could still be considered  baby.

God is ageless, yet

we seem to question His return simply because He does not meet our Human specifications of how long He should take before coming back. We worry about us and when we think we are ready Jesus should come and take us, but years to the Lord is not what they are to us.

God considers more than just us personally.

God if He could would have every lat man, woman, and child in heaven with Him. The sad part is that we refuse to let our worldly pleasures fly away.

from infancy to the grave we are taught tat pleasures such as Universal, Disney, or even Fun Spot are innocent delights that can be enjoyed by those of all faiths and persuasions. thus we lock ourselves into practices that go against the word of God. We do not number our short lived lives in a manner that will gain the wisdom of God.

Instead of spending our time at these theme Parks, which is a waist of The precious

little time we have in this life. The more time we spend to see all these parks the less time we will have to prepare ourselves to live goodly Christ-like lives.

then as we go on unprepared Jesus will come to us a  thief in the night.

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