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Are We Truly Ready

What are the thing in our life that we seem so worried about? All too often it is not being ready for Jesus’ return.

The first on the list seems to be self-actualization or as we would better know it as self- fulfillment. We all need that feeling in our lives. Without it we do not regard ourselves as being anything worth while; our life becomes worthless.

We forever sit around making ourselves into not good enough or I am not perfect and therefore I can’t.

It is thus we give up on ourselves or we go out in the world to prove that we our somebody.

Often we turn to putting down others by proving that we are stronger than they are. It seems to give us pride that we are able to bully our way into what we want.

Other times we flash out to others aspects of our bodies that we feel they will find appealing. in that way we do not feel so appalling. However, this is not so wise a move on our part.

Still others in order to get accepted by someone go about painting their bodies or their hair in their effort to feel as it they are someone.

Then there are those who know that the only way in our life that we can have true self- esteem is by giving our life to God. However all too often people are turning down the wrong pathway in their effort to find God. They turn to spiritualism and in thinking they are finding God they find Satan instead. Lucifer convinces them that  they have come so close to God that they have become gods themselves; equal to Jesus. They do not see that they in their life no longer need Jesus as a savior for they have made themselves out to be their own savior.

The see not where they have delivered themselves.

Since we want life and not death

Should we not instead of trying to become gods be making the one God our Joy and strength?

Shall we instead of worrying so much about when Jesus will come again go about turning from all these false self-esteem ways and ready ourselves ready for that time.

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