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To You Who Know: Be Not Led Asray

While we know Jesus to be our Lord Jesus gives us fair warning.

Peter by the Holy Spirit says that we can still be led astray. therefore he warns us that we must be ever diligence and never let it happen.

God expects us in our daily walk with Him to

But going to church will not do it.

We must take the bible off its shelf and read it for ourselves, daily. Studying it is an absolute must if we are ever to know what Jesus is saying to us. For when we come upon a verse and we take it out of its context we make certain assumptions about what it teaches that are just not true. Reading the whole bible means reading the verses that are all about that one verse in order to get the whole thought of what is being said. Often the whole picture makes it so that we see that something else is being said other than what we think is being said. Otherwise we often have the bible contradicting itself. When that happens we get confused and we are unable to grow in grace.

Like this cartoon the laws of biblical truth will not work till we are willing to view in the entire picture just what God would have us to do.

If we are not willing to grow in that knowledge Jesus will not be able to be glorified and He will not be able to be our aide. Without Jesus  there will be no growing in grace.

We however are taught to always listen to what we feel. Our hearts know better than anything else whether what we feel or believe is the truth or not.  Here we need great caution however. Our bibles tell us that our hearts are full of sin and as such are never to be trusted.

Man’s heart teaches that they can not be led astray.

Which will you choose to believe; your sin filled heart or the word of God?  

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