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Is Jesus Your All And All And In All


Making Jesus ones all in all is not an easy task. Sin controls our lives. It takes us further into its grip everyday. And once it has taken us there it refuses to let its hold on us go. But, all this does not come without a price being paid.

This sin makes it so that there is no unity between us and our Maker.

Because of our lack of desire to let Jesus be our all in all controlling all we do and say we are forever falling short of hitting the mark.

Once we chose sin of rebellion we are totally unable to lift ourselves out of this miry clay that we because of our own choices haven fallen into.

Our Heavenly Father loves us too much to let this go on without putting a check in place that will give us hope that not all is lost. Jesus has let us know, through John, that He has made it possible for us to go sin free.

But you say that mankind can never go without sinning.

And they are correct in their thinking. However thy fall short in knowing their God as well as their bible.

We can in Christ be cut free from this train of sin that we are on and when we trust in His power we need not sin.

Jesus is the only one who can take us out of a life filled with sin and deliver us into a life where right doing, not sin doing is the norm for us.

We do however have to reach out in faith for that power ever believing that Jesus can work out that sinless nature in our lives.

unless we in our lives receive that revelation that our God is powerful enough to do that we make Him no more than

another God.

Jesus died so that we might see that Our Heavenly Father loves us and is doing all that is possible to reconcile us to Himself. If we believe Jesus is love but the Father is hateful and spiteful how will Jesus ever be able reconcile us to such a God that is just out for revenge.

Jesus lived, breathed, as well as died ransoming us in order to make it possible for us to stand

before God.

As Christians it is a daily walk with Jesus and His word for us to reach this point.

Always remember that while Jesus is the alone is without sin; He seeks to harmonize our lives with the life of His Heavenly Father. It can be done if we obey His voice and then in that Judgment day He will be able to be our advocate and we will be able to stand sinless.

Remember Jesus first must be our all and all and our all in all.

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