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Paul And The Man Of Sin: The Antichrist Part Three

The antichrist exalts himself to be god above God. He is call “God”. Who calls himself and has others to do it also God here on earth? Does anyone you know say that, perhaps about the head of their church?

Let us not forget what Paul is saying.

He said that way back there in the early Christian era that the antichrist was trying to develop and express itself. However it was not time yet thus their ability to do so was being restrained.

Thus let us not  be deceived. We are not looking for something new or someone new to come. To do so is going out of the bible to seek something that God has not warned us about to come.

Instead we need to stay within God’s word and look within the church for end time troubles to come upon us.

After all

Thus why on earth would we allow ourselves to be swayed to look outside scripture for answers to things that pertain to scripture?

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