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Truth Or Lie Which Do You live


The bible has something very important to say about the way we live our lives. John tells us that while we claim Jesus as our savior the way our lives play out either points to our words being words spoken in truth or words that say; hay you why are you lying  to yourself and to others?

What does it mean to be a truthful Christian in a world filled with sin?

A Christian  in today’s evil minded world, with their lives so permeated with self seeking pleasures  must maintain on a daily  basis a watch over what they except into their mind as well as what they say and do.

Our godly living must start with us treating God’s word as food for our soul; more important than the food we eat.


When one first comes to Jesus and gives their life over to Him they are walking in God’s light; the light of truth. As long as they continue to grow in knowledge, in grace, and in obedience they walk in the light of truth.

However, the first time they do not heed the Spirit and follow His leading. The minute they replace the word with their own opinion, leaving out sections as unimportant  or claiming them to be for those in the past but not for us today they turn from walking in God’s light of truth to walking in darkness. A life without truth and without God.

They are living

thinking they are safe and secure in the arms of God when they are not.

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