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We Are Children Of God

What does it mean to be children of the living God. First of all it means that we are the recipients of the greatest love that this universe has to offer. Check it out. We are in rebellion against the creator of the universe yet Jesus die on the cross so that we could if we choose to be brothers and sisters of His.

Need to know what love is? This is true love at its finest. Jesus wants this kind of love to control our hearts and lives. This kind of love for Him and for our fellowman, even those who hate us and are out to do us harm.

Do we have the hope of belonging to God’s family? If we do then we need to love Jesus so much that we will obey Him in every way. Only then will we have pure hearts and pure lives.

then there is this.

Are we able to say with a heart that is true that we know that we are children of the King because we live daily the Kings every word out of love for Him?

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