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The Mystery of Lawlessness: The Law of Love

Way back into the beginnings of time when God’s creations first began it was decided that all moral beings were to have the freedom to serve their Maker or to reject Him. This is where the law of love comes in to play. Our creator does not believe in forced service for anyone. He loves us so deeply that He because of our rebellion against Him that He came and died in order that we might receive a second chance and learn to love Him.

The cross is the evidence we need to show that the law of love truly works. And if we were to fully take hold of His love  placing it in our hearts and lives we could then fulfill the law of the Ten Commandments executing them in their richest most meaningful way.

The mystery of lawlessness is why rebellion began in the first place. Why did Lucifer standing daily next to Christ, Michael, being privileged to be present at many of the councils of the Godhead thus knowing much about the law of love choose to rebel?

Lucifer however close he was to the Godhead know to what length the law of love would go to. Neither did Adam and Eve. We on the other hand, to us the privilege to see the law of love is held out. therefore the mystery of lawlessness  gets even deeper. After all we see just how the law of love works.

How is it then that we can continue so in our rebellion rejecting that law of love?

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