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God is justified : Our sin is not God’s fault

Man has but one chance to set their lives right with their maker. It is God whom rightfully we have rebelled against. Thus it is God who will sit as our judge determining weather or not that rebellion has been weeded out of our lives.

We may say I am a Christian all we want to. I may not go to church but I do have church membership and I do believe in God. I believe Jesus to be the Son of God and that He died for my sins. I believe that Jesus loves me thus he will not suffer me to go to hell.

People we seem not to realize the gravity of our choice to rebel against our maker. injustice has taken the place of fairness in our hearts. We’ve reached the point that anything our God does is wrong.

Thus we do not think God to be a fair Judge.

We throw insult after insult upon God and think we are just in doing so; after all is not God the reason we are in this mess to begin with? If God would only not have created Lucifer, Satan, to begin with then all this sorrow and death would not be.

But would you like to be one of these?

That’s just what you’d be if  God did not make you a being with freedom of choice.

On the other hand if God made us nothing but robots all we would be good for is work, work, work and more

We would enjoy no companionship. Nor would we give or receive any love. We would be nothing better than a cow being lead around by a hook in its nose.

Sure there would have been no sorrow, no sickness, no pain, and no lost of love ones but would we even realize that we have love ones? Animals go about making other animals and once they grow so big they mate with their offspring.

Human beings are the only animal, if you want to call us such, that can feel, love choose while presenting to the universe the true character of God.

Man has rebelled against that character and any thing that character stands for. We have turned God’s justice into unrighteousness, His love into a vicious being who hates His creation, and His mercies  into a way to attack every little thing everyone of us ever did.

No our sin is not God’s fault. And when time has come for judgment to be pronounced upon us God will be justified in all His dealings with us.

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