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Do We Really Know Our Lord And Savior

Faith you say. I walk by faith, I am.

Just be careful for you might wind up in this scenario


You see either one, working without faith in God’s grace or grace without the works of God in you leads to the same place; death.

does this verse say that if we love our Lord we need to keep these?

I thought it was impossible for us to keep them? If that were so then why does Jesus through James say

Also this question pegs to be answered. Why would Jesus expect us to do what cannot be done?

How essential is our need to understand our God and His work for us. Our God is without sin in Him. How we need to grow into His sinless character; for we know that whosoever claims to be living in Jesus needs to be living and growing into a sinless man as He was.

May we all place our faith in Him who can do that for us. We do not want Him when He returns to pronounce upon us



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