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God’s Law Of Love

Love: what a wonderful world this would be if we all had the love of God and man in our hearts. Before that can happen however, we need to have the love of God in our hearts. The source of true love is God.

Love is one of the biggest principles that the Christian should hold in their heart. The bible tells us that there is

but the greatest of these is love.

We may have great faith in God’s way as being the correct way to follow but, if we love not God chances we will never follow Him. At least  not for long before we rebel.

This is what our service to God would liable to feel like. As people who like to feel good about themselves we would tend to make all the effort we could to escape what would be to us a horrible servitude.

We may hope for all were worth, but if we have no love for our Maker how will we be able to serve and honor a God we despise? Will we not rather seek to dispose of Him instead?

However when we love our Savior with all our heart

because we see in Him so great of love for us

Will be for us a joy; no matter what may happen to us, or where He may lead. After growing into that kind of relationship with our Lord loving the people will be a desired habit for us to have.

Loving those He died for will come easier for us as we grow in love for God.

As we learn more of about the love that God has for all mankind and learn more fully what God’s love for us cost, we will start to see how God’s love streaming out from our hearts can lift others and draw them closer to their Savior.

How I pray that we all may have the kind of loving hearts that will be able to water this dry thirsty land.

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