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Paul And The Man Of Sin: The Antichrist Part Seven

There are other things that point to this fallen church as being the antichrist


The teachings on human social relationships  while good to a certain extent draw away from faith and trust in Gog and lead to putting one’s faith and trust in man for salvation.

This kind of teaching leads to so called life in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit replaces the Bible as the Word of God. Where ever He leads even if it goes against the bible should be obeyed.

This church promotes that it take a village to be saved and that never as an individual can anyone be saved. It teaches that ones responsibility to God lies with obeying what the communities laws are and not the Ten Commandments of the bible.

It says that your right to salvation lies only within the way you treat the poor and vulnerable in your village and that human dignity goes to giving the right to the workers even when bosses need other things done.

one is to agree without reservation with all other lifestyles   no matter what the bible may teach. you are to consider the bible in error if it teaches these lifestyles choices sin and disregard the bible.

then it want mankind to treat nature as a means of gaining salvation or losing it. This church is in the process of using global worming as a means to draw people in and  get them to willingly give up their right to choose how thy serve their god and live their lives.

Dear we say that the antichrist is on the rise now and trying to get us to commit Apostasy.

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