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Do Good Not Bad

Are we at all questioning whether or not we are doing all what our Lord has asked us do?  Why is there still so much sin that we are committing, thus crucifying our Lord afresh.

Love for God is what makes the difference.

If we are really Children of the living God we and those who see us will be able to see if we are leaving our sinful ways behind us and having a new kind of life. They will have no choice but to say: you are different. You are not acting or talking the same as you use to. You treat people, even me different than you once did. Your spending more time in the bible than going to the movies and drinking. You no longer come and enjoy game time with us the same. They might even ask what has changed you; what has made a difference in your life?

As we look upon ourselves and others we if honest with ourselves should be able to notice if Satan is the one controlling our lives. Our lives will not have changed very much. If they did initially we have not moved any closer to our God sense that point and we may be in constant excuse mode for all the sins that remain in our lives.  We may even believe that the one who died so that we would be enabled  to leave our sinning go understands that we will never be enabled to do that till his return.

We can never deceive God. Its ourselves we deceive.

Will we choose God’s way or Satan’s way?

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