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Belong To Jesus: You Have Power Not To Sin

This is something we all must shout aloud. But it is something that we do not need to settle for.

We have someone who laid down his life so that we need not sin.

Jesus can bridge the gap and make it so the we have eternal life.

It means a very strong warfare on our part put,

Jesus can set us free from having to sin.

Yes Jesus who’s only sin was to love us made it possible for us to be sin free.

Therefore He became our grace, but that

Rather grace is


Christ made it so

Therefore we as Christians have a choice to make. Either we go on sinning and make excuses for doing so. Or we use the grace found in Christ our Lord to overcome sin in our lives.

John writes all these things down so that we might know that we can live in the power of Jesus sin free lives. He also writes that we might know that if we are truly a child of the King we will live in a way that while we might sin  it will no longer have full control of our lives as it now does. We will grow and grow till the wicked one cannot cause us to sin against our Lord.

The choice is ours to make. Which will it be?

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