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Liberty Or Death Which: Part One

This is one of the most famous speeches known to man today. Mankind around the world want freedom and some are even willing to die for it. But, are they willing to live it? That is a different story and the story that really counts.

Patrick Henry’ speech sounds good. Good enough to steer the heart of many a man to fight for it. But what are the hearts of many recipients of that freedom?

It is taught by some that disobedience is the foundation of liberty. Thus many show their disobedience in their way. Some show civil dis obedience. Others riot in the streets. Still others turn to guns and go after cops thinking that they want to enslave the people.

It is pronounced through all the land that

But then there is always the questions. What is unjust? What is unjust to one is not unjust to the other. What gives those people who up rise against any given law or laws the right to impose upon others their opinions of right and wrong? Where do their rights end and your rights begin?

Today we have a prime example of this struggle taking place. It seems that the majority of the people are sick and tired of hearing about Jesus and how the to live righteous lives need to subject themselves to Him. They insist that they are free to do as they please and that they do not want to make themselves slaves by becoming Christians.

They are correct in the since that the are free to live as they please. They are free to accept or reject Christianity. But, they are now over stepping their right by saying we have no rights but to believe what they believe. They go further by demanding that not only must we refute what the bible clearly teaches but, we must teach with all our hearts that the way that they are choosing to live is the correct and true way that God means it to be.

then they move further down the path of slavery by telling us that if we refuse to do and think their way that not only will they take all freedom away from us by making is so that they take our jobs away and put us in Jail but, if we persist in our bigotry as they call it they will take away our homes, any money we may have, and even kill us.

If we as Christians today want to remain free we must be willing to lay down our lives for it and for our God. Be sure you know that I am not talking about the picking up of guns and fighting them. The Almighty God, He will do battle for us. We must place our lives in His hands and never jump His ship.

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