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Paul And The Man Of Sin: The Antichrist Part Eight

In my blogs I should have put out enough by now that all who want to should by now know who the antichrist, also called the man of sin or the antichrist, is. Here is a list of what they like to claim that it is not.

the last one I will talk about in this series is

By their teaching that Mary does not have a human nature or else God would not have had Jesus come through her destroy the very foundations of Christianity. Jesus cannot truly know our pain or how we feel if He never was really one of us. What they seem to not understand is that Mary couldn’t either for they make it so that she was not one of us either.

this man of sin, church, while making itself out to be God’s true church is doing all it can to destroy God’s true word and replace its word in our hearts instead.

The choice is ours as to which one we choose to put our faith in.

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