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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 75 A New Form of Slavery


The entire universe down to the tiny little atom listens and obeys God’s commands. Yet we as man feel we can put aside as if his voice and his commands are of no concern of ours. We go about our daily living in a way where we are so distressed  about when our next meal will be, what shall I wear today, what TV programs shall I view at this moment as well as what will I watch the rest of the night. We spend endless hours on the clothes we will wear and many of the choices we want end up in arguments. We’re concerned about rent as well as how we will decorate both the inside and outside of our homes. We make great plans for our vacations and our retirements.

All this may be find and dandy. No one including me is saying that it is wrong to give some thought to our daily lives. But to be so obsessed with all this and make it the only thing in life, as if nothing else really matters  is a very unfortunate state of affairs that we all seem from time to time fall into.

There is another aspect to life that we seem to forget. That aspect is our relationship with our Creator. This relationship being that we are totally dependent upon him for even the air we breathe should be in the forefront of every aspect of our lives. Yet this is the very facet of our living experience that we push off to the side as unimportant.

We need to take a much closer look at what we are doing however. Take a good long hard look at where we as a society are heading. Demonstrations that include the burning of other people’s property whether they be innocent or guilty has taken over our characters and become the prominent aspect of our existence. this is whether we like it or not slavery in a new and different form. Not only this Nation but the whole world have become so enslaved to self centeredness  that in order to get our way we must burn, loot, steal, yes and even do harm to others, even if they are not the ones who have went and did what you feel goes against you grain. How is anyone to live in a world that is so filled with this evil that is gaining more and more of a foot hold and becoming the mind set of more and more people?

This my friends is the answer. It is the only answer to this worlds woes.  But to have it effective Jesus must be given first place in our lives.

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