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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Four


The Ten Commandments and the New Testament live in harmony side by side. Always have always will. As much as even we Christians try to us even Jesus Himself as reason for throwing them into the trash bucket of time they still stand. And stand tall do they very well.

Think it so strange that those in the world who are without a savior are throwing this moral guidance in the rubbish heap of time?  Many are, but why should we be? When we do what are we not doing it ourselves? How much more then a section of the people who are Godless wanting nothing to do with Jesus. They are tired of hearing how they need a savior to lift them up out of the very thing they enjoy doing. Are we this way also?

The Ten Commandments lead all to the one who can give them true liberty but,

as long as we continue telling the world by our words, by our deeds, and by the sin filled lives that we live that Commandments are not important enough to live by; how on this earth are we ever going to help them change their minds about God’s law?

Till we as children of the one and only living God wake up to what really is at the end of the road we are traveling this will never happen.

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