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Liberty Or Death: Which part Five

When we walk away From God’s lamp of truth, truth loses its meaning. However our minds and hearts are like sponges. Sooner or later they need to soak in something. Since we rejected God’s way we have to replace it with something of our own devising.

Our minds also cannot stand the thought that we are wrong. Therefore we go to great lengths, most of the without even realize that we are doing so, to make it so we are not these wicked sinners that some Christians make them out to be.

They have lives  with good works. to there neighbors they give aid whenever need and where ever help is called for. the hold jobs such as nurses and firemen. To the world these people are looked upon as good people. How on earth it is said can a loving God look down upon such people as these.

Many are very religious by nature.

they like espousing “Jesus loves me” “Jesus died for me”, how can you think He is not going to take me to heaven? He is a loving God and will never destroy me after all He made me what I am.

d has blessed them with money according to them. And many of them give large sums of that money to needed charities. They say is this not doing God’s will?

Outside of their privet life they seem to hold a high moral character. And as far as that one area they now have made it so that they can lawfully do that. Would a God of such great love think such moral people as so immoral.

Even with this however the word of God still stands. And according to this book no matter how righteous they might look on the outside the ways that they are choosing to serve God, like Cain, is all wrong. As such God will reject them just like He did with Cain.

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