End Time Events · False ideas · Judgment coming · Lack of obedience · Man's way of thinking · Not making the bible your guide · Obeying man not God · prophecy · Putting faith in God not man · Reflecting Jesus · Signs of the End · Studying Prophecy · Thinking you know more than God · Walking In God's Law · Walking in mans laws

Liberty Or Death: Which Part Six Law and Grace


This term seems contradictory. How can we be under law and at the same thin be under grace?

Is it not possible that in some ways our justice system is copied after God’s system. Would we dare tell the policeman who has just written us a ticket for speeding and then pulls us over again for seeding: that okay officer I can speed now you put me under grave?

Would not this policeman make a move to arrest us? So to

Satan as the accuser will not take an I’m under grace and neither will God the Judge.

Judgment time is here now. Look up and study your prophecy. We have only two choices to make. Either we choose law and grace both together,


or we choose grace minus law in which

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