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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 77

who among us do not want to be holy? But a walk down holy lane is not the way it seems that most are willing to get that holiness. It seems that we as Christians feel that it is too much for God to expect that much of a change from us.

Jesus carried the weight of the worlds sins on his back. But we rebel against getting rid of all the sin that controls our lives. We do not relish thought that we should give up all the worldly living that we so sorely adore.

Jesus took on mankind’s sins in order that we might be able by his help put off our old man of sin. but worldly pleasures are very deceptive. They work in deceitful ways on our attitudes so as we find them not so anti-christian. We persist in tis attitude even though they widely mix anti christian things such as witchery  in their entire programs.

But our Lord and Savior has asked us to turn our backs upon all the sins in our lives, not just the ones we think as evil. He says that while we are in this world we are not supposed to participate in worldly things. We are to dwell on the godly things and put them in our hearts, minds, and actions.

But it just takes one look into the church and it becomes very clear. We, instead of letting Jesus purify us, try to hide these sins from the world, as well as each other, and pretend that we are living a Christ- like life.

Until we in a serious way give our lives completely over to Jesus and let him be the potter. Until we let him mold our lives instead of us. The world will never see Jesus in us; and that is because he is not in us.

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