End Time Events · False ideas · Lack of obedience · Loving as Jesus did · Man's way of thinking · Nature of God · Not making the bible your guide · Obeying man not God · Putting faith in God not man · Signs of the End · Thinking you know more than God · Walking in mans laws · WShat happens when man isist on his own way

Liberty Or Death: Which Part Seven

Many Christians believe that the Old Testament has nothing in it that concerns God’s New Testament people.

How little they know that they think they know. The sooner they learn that there are laws that lead to having eternal life and laws that lead to eternal death the better off will their walk with God be.

imagine, we are given, by the living God Himself, a chance to live a life of true liberty. Why would anyone willingly choose death?

To many however their personal desires reign supreme. It is thus they twist their ideas into God’s ideas till they actually believe it themselves. They scar their hearts so badly that there is nothing left for the Holy Spirit to prick. All chances of receiving truth from God is gone with the wind that came through.

But for many we can still pray the prayer that Jesus Himself prayed for those who were out to kill Him.

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