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Good People and Heaven


Have you as a Christian ever had anyone say to you something like this? So and so is a very nice person. you mean to tell me that just because they do not accept Jesus as their savior they are not going to heaven. I don’t believe that.

Heaven to them seems not so important a matter as to make sure their salvation. I should be able to go on with my life the way I see fit and as long as I am a good person, living in peace with others doing my best to help those around me God cannot keep me out.

But is that the answer? When is being good not good enough? Does God even have the right to decide who enters heaven and who doesn’t? First we need to understand this. God could with draw his life giving energy from us and we would never know it. We would cease to exist and we would never realize that we were no more. Surely as the potter has the right to determine whether or not the clay is of  proper stock to use a God such as this has the right  to determine whether or not we are  of good enough character to let us into heaver or to keep us out.

No heaven cannot wait. We must now take the steps needed to assure that we will be there if that is where we want to be. Therefore we need to go to God’s word and not our ideas to see just what it takes to be allowed  to enter that pure and holy place.

This is our starting point. You, I, and everyone else who has ever spent their lifetime on this here dirt filled planet have and continue to fall short of being clay that is good enough to be fit to enter heaven. This alone  should make clear to each and everyone of us that no matter how good a person we are or that others think we are it is not enough to get us to heaven.

Christians be ye warned. Do not o Christian think you better off just because you are Christian. Believe ye not this then listen to scripture.

So how does one reach the point where a clay they become fit to enter heaven?

I must point out however that scripture teaches that the law of God is written in the heart of every person that ever lived and this includes those of us who are now living. Men in some parts of this world may never hear of Jesus but when they in their lives live out to the best of their knowledge God’s character the bible tells us that God judges them according to His Gospel.

However, the bar is now different for us in the west and also for those in the east where the name of Jesus has been spread about. No man once presented with the knowledge of Jesus and his saving grace can reject him and figure that their own goodness is enough to get them to heaven.

Good people and heaven only jive when we place Jesus in the mix as the facilitator of it all.

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