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September 2015: The voices of America Giving a Warning

In where does the importance of September 2015 lie? What does it mean to us here in America never mind the world?

America was founded in the arms of freedom. Freedom to choose to worship as being one’s own choice to worship or not to worship as they choose to do so. If they choose to worship they hade the right without being forced by any other to do it their way and their way only. Up till now this model has been working just find. But now we can clearly see the winds of change coming our way.

Centuries back as the Protestants were separating from a fallen church who refused to correct their errors that church set up an order within their church as a way of combating the truth in order to keep others from leaving their lies for bible truth. This organization within their church was also meant to be a tool that would bring, to be nice about it, those who were protesting their errors back into their fold without expecting any change on the part of this fallen church.

Please watch this video that I an attaching to this blog. It will further help you in your understanding.

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