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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Thirteen

We use as reason for justifying our actions in participating in scenes  such as this is man’s cruelty to our family and friends. But since when does an y wrong committed give us the right, in God’s eyes, to do evil ourselves?

All it does is prove that we are not at liberty to serve God but rather are still slaves to sin and death.

Love for God, for His law, and for mankind does nor rule in our hearts.

Rather hate, deceit, and a lust for our own way reigns making us a slave to our own sin filled characters. We become ready to in turn to what others have done kill innocent people just because of the color of their skin, or because they believe differently than what we do on any given subject or event. Is this the way God feels about people which includes you and I?

This is a comparison of what Paul Ryan at one time is reported as saying. If true the report is a correct report then he gives us a picture of all our hearts and how they stack up next to God.

Are our hearts as Christians with man’s way of thinking or with God’s way of thinking?

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