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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Fourteen: Freedom to be at Liberty not to Sin or be a Slave to Sin and Death

Having to keep the Ten Commandments, is that not slavery at its truest?

The way I see it I have the God given right to choose how and when to keep if I am to keep any of them.


God just looks at me and responds to my blow hard mouth by saying once you where a slave to the sins that you held within your heart.


you claim to have died with me. And when you were baptized you supposedly were buried with me then like I came up out of my tomb you because of me came up out of that watery grave with a new heart in you. I gave you that


so that you would find joy in service to Me.

thus I ask


if you love me separate yourself from the world


You say that you have faith in me but do you love me?


Yes I’ll let you choose to keep them or not keep them, but my dear fellow why should you remain in your sins when  I have set you free. I give you the liberty to follow life or to follow death.

thus once again I say


I respond by praying Lord I want your liberty not death.

What is your prayer?


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