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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Twenty One: Living on Bread

Do we need bread, or food, in order to live? Why yes we do. Do we need spiritual bread, or spiritual food, in order to grow and become strong vibrant healthy Christians? the answer is a bigger more resounding yes. But is this not what Jesus was making an effort to help us to understand?

One problem lies in the sad state of our minds. We seem to forget that Jesus was quoting the Old Testament.

How sad for the New Testament Christians who put their faith in the teaching that they do not have to follow Old Testament teachings. Jesus Himself is trying to lead them there for gospel doctrine; yet they reject going there.

Jesus teaches that He is the bread of life and there is just as much od Jesus our Lord in the Old as well as the New Testament.

Are we Old Testament Christians, New Testament Christians, or both Old and New Christians?

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