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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Eighteen: What is Written in the Law of Your God

This is a question well worth asking? In a time when the values we hold dear seem to be in the process of being uprooted and replace by sinful worldly values just how do we make sense of what the bible truly teaches? Could it be that our misrepresentations of bible teachings is what is the true cause of all this upheaval?

the question was once asked of Jesus; what is the greatest commandment? If this question were to be asked of you today what would be your response? For sure it would not be remember the Sabbath to keep it Holy. All too many of us are ready to do this

to God’s law because of the Sabbath.

This is the first and the greatest commandment for man to follow and obey.

Then He said the second is like unto the first.

We today however build our

only on the second of the great commandments making it our all in all.

When in reality  only after we put first above all else in our life will we be able to truly keep the second.


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