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Liberty Or Death: Which Part Nineteen

Do we ever feel this way? If truth be known at one time or another the answer would be yes.


However we all have weak links within us

these links work within our lives to point us away from what Jesus ask us to do and to make our disobedience seem as the way God really expects us to live.

But it is only

Jesus says that He is the vine that we must all be

attached to if we are to be acceptable in God’s eyes. Counting the cost to either way we go what does that really mean to us?

Jesus says this to us. Therefore we must ask ourselves, does Jesus truly expect me to keep those Ten Commandments if I am to abide His love? It has to or else why would He say this to us?

The question then becomes

Are you Listen to Jesus’ words or man’s version of what Jesus means when He says them?

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