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Liberty Or Death: Which Part 21: Our Main Concern In This Life

A Christians Top priority should be how do they relate to their Maker and Savior.

The ancient Greeks Built great structures in their efforts to serve their gods. So also do many Christians.

And just like the Greeks we go to these churches showing awe on our faces. Surly we express we are swerving the Living God by coming together in this building. But our God has unfortunate news for all of us. We may build thousands of  extravagant buildings but our God does not dwell in buildings.

How can we mere human beings lock the God of the universe into four walls? However the great I Am is pointing us to something where as if we pay attention to it will aid us in giving our hearts over to Him.


Grace is the genesis of our walk with God. But Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is not the end all of our salvation.

Jesus Himself the one who wrote these commandments on stone says to us His people anything you put before Me is an idol and if you are to be My people do not do it. If you place Me first in your life in this time of earths history you must be willing to lose all you have in this world for Me your Creator.

If we are not willing to give are all in all for Jesus then we are breaking this the first commandment and unless  we repent and turn from doing this our rebellion will bring us to the fire.

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